Black Watch Wood QualityAt Black Watch, we use the best building practices and materials to craft boats for the harsh Australian conditions.

With each boat being hand-crafted with over thirty years of experience, our boats don’t just look great – you can rely on them to perform day in and day out.

Each hull and deck is hand laid ensuring that material is applied at the ideal thickness and catalyst ratio. All fibreglass is purchased from a trusted Australian based supplier with serial batch tracking numbers, constantly tracking the quality of the products.

Black Watch Boat Woodwork

After the gel-coat has cured, a vinyl-ester skin coat (tie layer) is laid down. Skins of multi-axial fiberglass are applied to the bottom and topsides. Gurit an all-purpose PET foam known for
Superior strength & stiffness:weight ratio composite core material are applied to the topside laminate only, so that the complete hull and bottom, transom and portion of the topsides to 300mm above the waterline are solid. Therefore all hull fittings are situated in solid material.

Black Watch interiors are fashionable and functional. The 36’, 40’ & 50’ ranges are fitted internally with plush pile carpet, soft furnishings and cherry wood timber wood finishes. All the smaller boats from 34’ down have moulded glass interiors, hand finished vinyl liners and functional layouts.

The Black Watch craftsmen hand build custom boats as per our customers’ specifications to suit all boating needs with the assistance of modern technology and computer design techniques.

Black Watch Boats Wood QualityBlack Watch used only the best quality fittings and equipment. Some of the components, are imported direct and are exclusive to Black Watch. Most others are manufactured in Australia especially for our requirements. Black Watch include in the standard model many items that are offered as optional extras by other boat builders, plus some very useful innovations such as the Black Watch light weight targa, well designed helm stations, and anodized aluminium for hand and life rails.

Sound deadening materials are used in the engine room along with a well designed exhaust system to minimise engine noise and emissions.

Each boat is designed and approved by an Accredited Marine Surveyor and Graduate Electrical Engineer.